Control Panels

As the brain center of your alarm system, your control panel needs to be powerful enough to protect your home, but easy enough for you to enjoy using.

Each control panel we offer features high-definition touchscreens that not only look as sleek and modern as the latest tablets on the market, but are actually easier to use.

Our skilled and licensed technicians will walk you through the entire setup and management process so that you are confident in your ability to be master of your domain.

Protection Devices

We setup, install, and maintain security and protection devices. They don’t just protect your home from break-ins, but can prevent them from ever happening.

Most break-ins occur in the middle of the day, when you’re away at work. How can you protect your home when you’re nowhere near it?

Our inventory of protection devices includes locks, lights and cameras with remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

What happens, for example, if an intruder rings your doorbell in the middle of the day to check if you’re home? With our state-of-the art doorbell camera, you’ll be notified – via smartphone, and can respond to the intruder via intercom. The intruder will never know you’re not responding from inside your home.

Our intuitive security devices also allow you to grant access to areas of your home to certain individuals throughout the day. If, for example, you need your landscaper to get into your garage while you’re at work, but don’t want to give him a key, you can provide him a temporary alarm code (or remotely open the door yourself).